Ultrablast Tooth Powder| Lush Cosmetics Review

Last month between classes my friend and I took a trip to the mall to get something other than the few lunch options available on campus. We decided to stop into Lush. If you have been reading my blog for a bit you may remember that I used to work at Lush. Last year I worked there as a holiday hire. Although it was a temporary position, I really enjoyed that job and continue to use what I learned there when purchasing and blogging about cruelty free products. 

While I was at Lush I ran into a former coworker of mine. I was looking at some of the newer products and I had her tell me a bit about the new toothy tabs and powders. I decided to pick up Ultrablast, which is a tooth powder that contains spearmint, lavender. peppermint, and wasabi. I thought the wasabi was going to be really weird but Ultrablast is very refreshing. Ultrablast comes in a clear pot (much like the traditional black pots) you simply dampen your toothbrush, dip it in the powder and brush!

Hustle Butter| Healing My Tattoo & Aftercare Product Review

Last month I received my first tattoo at Hustler's Parlour in Brooklyn, NY. I received Hustle Butter Deluxe to use as I went through the healing process.

Artificial ingredients just don't have a place in my routine, not when natural products can really do wonders for my skin. As well as being cruelty free Hustle Butter is made with natural ingredients like Shea, Mango Butter, and lots of essential oils. This not only makes the product smell amazing, but it's also super effective. I love products formulated with essential oils, since they always seem to do the job.
Hustle Butter Deluxe

Winter Hydration with Coconut Water| Invo

I came across an interesting email in my inbox this week, the subject line read 'Keep Skin Hydrated While the Seasons Change'. As someone who has been crafting their own skincare routine for years this immediately drew me in. As it's been getting chillier in New York I have switched out my moisturizers for the heavy hitters, and have really been delving into the coconut oil jar. 

Invo Coconut Water is a great way to hydrate from the inside out. I'll be honest, as much as I love coconut I have never been a huge fan of coconut water. After trying Invo that opinion has changed. Invo, in my opinion, is the most pure tasting coconut water I have tried and it doesn't contain any coconut bits. 

Derma E Review + New Look

Derma E is a brand I have followed for some time now thanks to Thrive Market; which is where I often discover and purchase new cruelty free products. Derma E is currently rebranding, and with that have redesigned their packaging, giving it a fresh new look. The new design will begin shipping to stores like Ulta, CVS, and Whole Foods by March of 2017. Derma E gave me a chance to test their hydrating line of moisturizers as well as get an exclusive look at their new image to share with my readers.

My First Tattoo Experience| Hustler's Parlour in Brooklyn NY

I'm sure it's all in my head but I feel like a new person. I got a tattoo yesterday(it's September 18th as I'm writing this), and I'm still absolutely buzzing about the great experience I had. I found Hustler's Parlour online when I was searching for aftercare products. I knew that if I was going to get a tattoo, I would want to use aftercare products that were cruelty free. I found Hustle Butter Deluxe, which led me to Hustler's Parlour. All the reviews of the products, and the three Hustler's Parlour locations were awesome so I sent an email to Richie asking how to go about this process. 

Richie Bulldog is the owner of Hustler's Parlour, and we corresponded about my initial idea, and the products. I met Richie in person after my tattoo was finished, and he was so friendly! He made sure I had a good experience, and was happy with the results. 

#WIPEAOLICS Savvy Travelers Subscription| Review

I was really excited to receive this shiny parcel in the mail. Upon opening it I found an adorable little travel bag decorated with city landmarks, it was filled with various Savvy Travelers wipes. Savvy Travelers is a women owned, cruelty free, and earth conscious brand.

These wipes are designed to help you feel clean and confident on the go. Wipeholics is their new subscription service in which customers will be sent a box of beauty products and wipes every month for twelve months.

The 'Pop Sugar Must Have' Box #AD

Yesterday I came home from work to find that I had received my Pop Sugar Must Have Box. I received the September edition and am loving the items so far!
Happiness Delivered 
 This month's box was packed with six unique items.

  1. Jack & Lucy| Bicoastal Wide Brim Hat (Suggested Retail: $58)
  2. NCLA| Mani-ER Tool Kit (Suggested Retail: $16)
  3. Briogeo| Conditioning Mask (Suggested Retail: $36)(Not CF)
  4. Flint| Lint Roller(Suggested Retail: $10)
  5. Smith & Cult| Lip Laquer (Suggested Retail: $22) (Not CF)
  6. The Gluten Free Bites| Dark Chocolate Coconut (Suggested Retail: $5)

What I love about these boxes is the variety. I received, a snack, a fashion item, practical things like a lint roller, plus new beauty products to try out. While browsing the Must Have site I noticed that there are other great boxes as well! There is a mini monthly subscription box, gift boxes, and limited editions. 

I am most excited to style the Jack & Lucy hat when the cooler weather sets in. Thanks Pop Sugar! 

If you would like to subscribe to the Pop Sugar Must Have box, use code SHOP5 for $5 off your first box! 


August Favorites

I'm not sure why but I feel like it's been forever since I have written a monthly favorites post. I'm so excited to share them with you this month since my two favorites are items I have fully customized.

I have been following the resin jewelry trend for awhile, favoriting a ton of styles on Etsy. I found Lilia Smith's Designs and fell in love with her unique items. Of course I found her while searching for resin jewelry but she also creates and sells prints and wire jewelry.

I wanted a piece that would match all of my jewelry, last season I was very into the rose gold trend but I currently wear a lot more silver. I asked Lilia if she could make a clear resin ring with gold, rose gold, and silver flakes inside. Lilia was awesome to work with and if you want a similar piece you should definitely scroll through her Etsy shop.